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Call Us Today!
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About Us

Dr. Thomas K. Hupfer, DPM
Dr. Thomas K. Hupfer, DPM
Evansville Foot & Ankle Center
3700 Bellemeade Avenue, Suite #117
Evansville, Indiana 47714
TEL: (812) 475-8900
FAX: (812) 475-0024

Welcome to the Evansville Foot & Ankle Center

We are happy that you have entrusted us with your foot and ankle care.
About Our Physician
Dr. Thomas K. Hupfer graduated from the University of Osteopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa. Dr. Hupfer began post-graduate training in St. Louis, Missouri, and Indianapolis, Indiana. He completed his residency training programs outside New York City, New York.
Dr. Hupfer graduated from the podiatric surgery specialty program at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey. His clinical specialty training was in diabetic foot care and limb salvage at the Joslin Center for Diabetes in. Livingston, New Jersey. Dr. Hupfer is a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Board certified in foot surgery.

About The Practice
Our podiatric medical practice specializes in treating any and all problems affecting the foot and ankle (all disorders, diseases and injuries of the human foot and ankle). Treating these problems could encompass a variety of different modalities. Hospitalization, medical surgical, or orthopedic therapy, or a combination of these, may need to be performed to properly treat your foot or ankle condition. You can be assured that you will receive the highest-quality foot and ankle care available in the tri-state area.

Foot & Ankle Injuries 
The foot and ankle are two of the most commonly injured parts of the human body. Many times an injury occurs and it is hoped that a good dose of ignoring the problem will make it go away. Thankfully, the body has a great capacity to heal itself. However, injuries can cause lingering weakness, instability and chronic pain if not treated effectively and quickly.
Untreated fractures may require hospitalization and surgical correction if not treated properly at the time of Injury. The best advice is to have all injuries to the foot and ankle properly treated to prevent lasting complications.
In order to provide you with the emergency care often required when an injury occurs, it is our policy to work emergencies into the schedule the day you call. Let our office staff know of your emergency when you call, and time will be reserved for you to be seen. We ask for your understanding if an emergency delays your scheduled appointment, for one day it may be you for whom we make time available.

Sports Medicine 
Adults, adolescents and children can suffer from sprains, overuse injuries and other foot and ankle conditions resulting from participating in athletics. A comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation regime, properly developed by the specialty physicians here at the Evansville Foot & Ankle Center, can help you reach our goal of "getting you back, in the game."

Pre-Visit Information
There is a Medical History Questionnaire Personal Information Form that you will have to complete and bring with you on the day of your appointment. This can be sent to you at home prior to your scheduled visit, via email or by mail.
The Medical History Questionnaire is necessary for us to have a complete understanding of your medical conditions and your current state of health. The Personal Information Form will allow our staff to process your insurance claim efficiently and it will also allow us to communicate properly with your primary physician to update him or her on your progress.

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3700 Bellemeade Ave., Suite #117
Evansville, IN 47714


Located in the Medical Arts Building of St Mary’s Medical Center Campus

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